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“Where do I find a virtual assistant?”


Have you ever searched for a virtual assistant before? Then you know the recruitment process using a sketchy freelancer site is not fun. It can take forever, skimming through hundreds of candidates, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to perform any due diligence to weed out the unqualified. The amount of time it takes to search to find a reputable virtual assistant is time consuming and tedious.

What if there was a person to search through the endless sea of candidates for you? Someone who finds exactly who you’re looking for, screens them, and interviews them?

Now there is…


When Yolanda offered to handle the hiring process for me, I felt a huge weight lifted. But when I actually experienced her in action, I felt ecstatic…She is a top notch professional. She knows where to look, what to look for, and look out for. She knows what questions to ask you and the candidates. She understands the importance of doing things efficiently and minimizing the time and effort involved on your part.

Dr. Valerie Baker

Heart Talk Yoga®


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