Looking to hire a virtual assistant

Thinking of hiring some help so you can focus and grow your business? If so, here are some tips to ensure you find a good fit:

1 – Decide on what you need help with.

Take a look at the below post I found:

“Interviewing for a virtual assistant with superb project management and team management skills. The ability to see the bigger picture, deal with clients and team members a plus. Approximately 10 hours per week needed, with room for more. Please PM me for more details…”

What’s missing from this post is what the duties are. Sure, project management and team management skills are great qualities but what does this position do? It’s very vague. What ends up happening is either the poster will be swamped with people who are not qualified or have little response because the post is too ambiguous.

Don’t let this happen to you. Sit down and write out all of the tasks you do for one week. Which of these tasks are huge time wasters? Answering emails? Putting together a weekly newsletter or creating a LeadPage? Or maybe there are tasks/projects you want to start but don’t know how? (Ex: implementing a new membership site). There are many people who are experts in those areas and can take those off your hands so you can focus on generating revenue for your business.

Need help figuring out what to outsource?

2 – What skills does this person need to have? What programs do they need to know?

What type of website do you have: WordPress, Squarespace, etc? Should they know LeadPages or Aweber? Looking for someone to create awesome graphic design images or create filters in Google Analytics? Write down what skills/programs are required and also which ones you use and can easily be taught.

3 – Will this be part time or full time? List the approximate hours per week/month.

How much time do you spend on email, putting together your newsletter, or engaging your fans on social media? Take a few minutes, track your time for a week, and delegate that time out. Example: if you’re spending at least two hours a week putting together a newsletter, spending an hour a day engaging and commenting on your Facebook page, then you’ll be looking for 7-10 hours a week to start. (It’s amazing how many other tasks you can learn to let go of!)

4 – Ask for sample projects and pay for their time.

Asking for someone to do a sample project is optional but if you do ask for one, please pay the person for their time. Provide detailed instructions on how you’d like a task done or you can even ask to see their creative side. Either way, remember their time is valuable just like yours.

5 – Do NOT ask for a resume.

Why? A virtual assistant is a business owner, just like yourself. They are not your employee. Think of it this way…when you’re looking for a plumber, nail tech, photographer, etc., do you ask for a resume? No. You ask around, look at the BBB, and get reviews.

It’s the same with a virtual assistant. View their website, their LinkedIn profile, and social media pages. Ask for recommendations. Get them on the phone (or better yet, Skype), to talk to them. Keep in mind, they will be checking you out as well to see if it’s a good fit.


Knowing what you want will help in finding a good match that will benefit you and your next assistant.

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