how to create a LI

As a virtual assistant and new business owner, you no longer need a resume. What can you do to show potential clients your skills and provide information?

If you don’t have a website yet, you can create social media profiles for your business. And these are all free!

One platform where you can really shine is on LinkedIn. But it only works for you if you completely fill out your profile. Yes, it takes some time but once it’s done, it’s worth it. Here’s how to fully maximize your chances of standing out by creating a profile that looks professional and showcases your skills:

1 – Upload a professional profile picture

If you have professional headshots, great. If not, no problem. Have someone take a nice headshot of you in front of a plain (or non-distracting) background. Do not use a photo where you’re far away, in your wedding dress, or with your spouse or kids. It will make you look unprofessional.

2 – Add a cover picture

LinkedIn now allows you to add a cover picture to your profile. This can be a great way to instantly grab someone’s attention. For the best results, the cover photo must be a JPG, PNG, or GIF file under 8MG and the resolution should be 1594×396 pixels.

Have the picture reflect you and what your business is about. Again, make it professional, meaning no pictures of you partying on vacation, no wedding pictures, or pictures of your family.

3 – Customize your profile URL

When you create a LinkedIn profile, it automatically generates a URL which looks similar to this: It’s a bunch of numbers which don’t mean anything.

What you can do is change this and make it your own: (Click here for instructions on how to do this). If you have a common name you may have to add a middle initial or some type of variation. Play around with it and see what works.

4 – Show work samples / portfolio

Depending on what your skills are, showing samples of your past work is a great place to make yourself stand out.

For example: if you’re into graphic design, upload some work that you’ve done. If you’re an expert with Facebook ads, take a screenshot (blacking out any personal information) and show how well your ads converted and increased sales and leads.

5 – Get recommendations from past employers/clients

Before asking for recommendations, why not GIVE first before receiving? It goes a long way.

6 – Provide any college degrees you’ve obtained and/or training, certifications

Another place to show off! If you’re not comfortable putting the year you graduated, go ahead and leave it off. If you didn’t attend college, you can skip this part.

7 – If applicable, list any volunteer positions

The positions don’t necessarily have to be business related. It shows what type of person you are, your outside interests, and shows good teamwork.

8 – Join groups

Joining and participating in groups is a great place to get noticed! Potential clients can view your profile and see what groups you belong to and see what you’re interested in. But don’t join groups just to have it listed on your profile. Join a few at first, see how active the group is, and begin to participate. Once you start commenting on posts, potential clients can click on your name and see your awesome, completed profile! Find out more about LinkedIn groups here.

*Note: DO NOT go into groups and start promoting yourself. It’s spammy and turns people off.

Miscellaneous tips:

– Using proper grammar counts. It’s always best to have someone else proofread your profile before hitting “Publish”.

– When requesting to connect with someone, write a personalized message regarding why you wish to connect with them. It’s good business etiquette and you’ll look more professional. I explain more about it here.

Remember, your LinkedIn profile is not set in stone. Just like a resume, you can always change it and add to it as time goes on.

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