Social media groups are a great place to make new connections, grow relationships, and find new clients. Last time we discussed networking in Facebook groups. Next, we’ll go over networking inside LinkedIn groups.

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Finding and joining the right group



At the top, type in keywords of your target market or niche. With the results, you can filter and see the people in your network that belong to those groups.




Joining a group where your connections are already members can help you further develop relationships you’ve made on LinkedIn.




TIP: Reach out to those members in the group you’re connected with and ask for their opinion of the group.

Once you’ve found a group, take a look through the feed to see how active the group is. A group can have thousands of members but if the last update was 6 months ago, that isn’t the right group for you.



Your goal inside the group

Similar to a Facebook group, do not start promoting yourself inside the group. Your goal is to strengthen relationships and make connections on and offline with other group members. How do you do this? By sharing relevant content.

Once inside the group, view the feed to see what others are sharing, discussing, and what questions are being asked. Based on that, start sharing your own content (yours and content you’ve curated). By sharing what those members have shown interest in, you have a better chance of connecting with members in the group.

TIP: When you share an article, keep in mind you want to get a discussion going. In addition to sharing the article, ask a question to go along with it. For example: if you’re sharing a post about the “3 Best Social Media Tools”, tell the members which one you like best, ask if they use any of those tools, and what they like about it. The same goes for if you comment on any other posts. If someone else posted that same article, don’t give a one-word answer. Go into detail and provide any useful information.

Now what?

Once you’ve built up some friendliness within the group, especially if you’ve become familiar with a particular person, go ahead and send them an invitation to connect. Make sure to send a message with your invite on where you know them from, and why you’d like to connect (see #1). Check to see if they are on any other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter and start following their updates.

BONUS: Don’t forget to check out the JOBS section of each group. You never know where your next client will come from.



Keep in mind, you have the option to join up to 50 groups. But that doesn’t necessarily mean to run out and join 50 groups. It takes time to nurture relationships and trying to keep active in 50 groups will leave you overwhelmed and no time for anything else. Start out with a few groups at first and focus your efforts there.


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