how to attract your ideal virtual assistant


If you’re looking for help in your business, are you writing posts like this one above? Based off of this, do you think your ideal virtual assistant will be sent to your inbox?

I’m going to take a guess and say, no. Why?

This post is an example of what I see on a daily basis – it’s vague. If you put a post like this on Upwork, Fiverr, or a Facebook group, you’re going to get a ton of responses…from people who are not your ideal virtual assistant. Reading the responses will take forever, you’re be skimming through hundreds of candidates that all seem the same on the paper, with no way or time to perform any due diligence to weed out the weak candidates. Frustrating, right? Who has that time?


There’s a difference between receiving a ton of responses and receiving responses from your ideal virtual assistant.


Here are three ways to make sure you have quality people attracted to your job posting:

1 – Be crystal clear in your description A great way for people to self-screen is to be very specific in your job description. If you’re looking for help with your blog, provide what that entails. Do you need help writing the content or just uploading and formatting? How many blog posts per week? What platform do you use for your blog? Will graphics need to be created and if so, using what program?

The more specific and detailed you are, the better chance of your ideal fit coming directly to you.

2 – Make your post stand out. Don’t just write out the responsibilities that a candidate will need to do. BORRRRING! Tell them about your company and explain what makes your business different than others. The goal is to make the candidate excited about wanting to join your team.

3 – Get to know your ideal candidate. Get them on the phone or (even better) a Skype call. Let them show you their personality. Ask them how they spend their day and what major projects they’ve done in the past. What are they proud of? Sure, you can hire anyone to manage your CRM system but ask yourself…if you met this person in-person, would it drive you crazy or would you enjoy their company?

Did you find these tips valuable? Want extensive information on how to attract quality team members for your business? Schedule your free consultation now to see how your business can flourish with the right virtual assistant and/or virtual team!