I wanted to share with you an interesting scenario I witnessed this weekend in a few online virtual assistant (VA) boards. Unfortunately, I don’t have any screenshots to share because the OP ended up taking the post down.

The headline to the post read something like, “BE CAREFUL WHEN HIRING A VA!” She wrote that she had hired a VA for a project and it sounded like the VA didn’t perform all of the tasks (apparently some copywriting and photography was needed) and/or the OP wasn’t satisfied with what was delivered. She also posted 11 screenshots of the written conversation she had with the VA. However, what was not shown was the initial conversation between the two outlining expectations, what work was actually going to be performed, and I didn’t see any mention of a contract.

The part where I had concerns was, the screenshots showed the name and photo of the VA in question. The OP also referred to this VA as a “scammer”. It was posted to 3 online virtual assistant boards and I could see it was shared 18 times from her personal Facebook page. Someone did make a comment that while her anger and frustration was understandable, making accusations, and calling the VA a scammer, wasn’t cool and the OP could be held liable for that. The OP in response said she was “entitled” to warn others about this VA.

Since the OP did name the VA in question, I went to her profile. Guess what? This VA wasn’t a VA at all. She was a photographer! I also found some other posts made by the OP and her posts were quite vague and didn’t specify exactly what was needed.

This is where miscommunication comes in.

If you’re looking for someone to take photos for you to use in your business, hire a photographer. If you’re looking for someone to write your blog posts, hire a copywriter. Yes, there are people out there who can probably do both but certainly not at the price the OP paid (which was very low, by the way).

We don’t know the entire story of what happened since we only had the one side. We don’t know how the “VA” presented herself to the OP. But generally speaking, for the OP to publicly call out, “BE CAREFUL WHEN HIRING A VA!”, when in fact, she wasn’t clear about what was needed so she ended up hiring the wrong person for the project, I felt was wrong.

What would you do if you hired a VA and things didn’t work out as planned? (Either they didn’t do the work on time, wasn’t to your satisfaction, etc?) Would you publicly call that person out on social media? How would you handle it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment below and let me know. Or come on over to Facebook and see what others are saying.