A couple weeks ago I came across the below post on a VA board.

If you do the conversion on what the pay rate is, it comes out to $2.00/USD. Yes, that’s TWO DOLLARS AN HOUR.

Uh, no. Just no.


The initial responses to this were a mix of shock, laughter, and disbelief. The OP did mention in the comments that he had read a website and it said business owners could get cheap labor from overseas, hence his low pay rate. While I’ve heard the same, I was not prepared for the responses from people who lived in the Philippines and India.

They admitted, yes, the cost of living is cheaper there but they said that even that rate he was offering was extremely low. (Keep that in mind)

Anyhoo, that is not the point of this post.

What I wanted to show you was this:


The conversation between the person in red and the person in green. While the majority of the responses were trying to educate the OP on his rate of pay, Red happily agreed to the low pay because she stated she had a family to feed and would take any work she could get. (Keeping in mind, it comes out to $2/hour).

Red said the pay was acceptable because that’s all she could get based on where she lived (Portugal). It’s not shown here in the screenshot but Red did mention her skills and she had highly, sought-after technical skills.

I was shocked. Even more shocked that she felt that’s all she was worth = $2/hour. I found that incredibly sad.

Take a look at the “starred” responses. The awesome thing about being virtual is you can work ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. If you have the right skills and you’re good at what you do, it shouldn’t matter where you live. While my clients are in the US, I’m still across the country from them. If I live in a state that has a lower cost of living than where they are, do they have the right to say, “You’re only worth X because of where you live.”


I am a business owner and I set my rates.


If I saw an opportunity that sounded great but was paying less than my rates, I’d move along. I don’t run my business like a flea market where my pricing is up for negotiation. Can you imagine going into Nordstrom’s, seeing an amazing dress for $300 and then trying to bargain with the employee to only pay $50? That’s now how it works.


(Sorry, couldn’t resist)

What say you? When you come across posts like these, what do you think? Would you go against your own policies and accept a low rate because you need income? If so, why? Feel free to comment below.