virtual assistant process

Last year I remember seeing a commercial for a reality show called, “Married At First Sight”. The premise of the show: people getting married to a stranger the moment they first meet.

Sigh…I can’t even…

Would you marry someone without getting to know them first? Would you marry someone without trusting them completely? Would you want to have kids with someone you just met the day before?


So why would you hire someone to assist you in your business, to help bring out your vision, without getting to know and trust them first?

Finding the right virtual assistant is like dating. You have to put in the time to see if they’re the ideal fit for you.


I recently posted this graphic in an online group:

virtual assistant process

The first response was this:

virtual assistant process

I see this often. Someone will post online that they’re looking for a VA and within 24 hours, they’ll respond that they’ve found someone.


Sure, the VA may be able to do the tasks but do you know their:

  • Work style
  • Client references
  • Home life (maybe they have other obligations during the day and are only reachable after 6pm on Monday’s and Tuesday’s. Trust me, I heard about that from an entrepreneur)


A big mistake I see are business owners trying to go it alone and hire cheap labor. They hire the first person who says, “I can help you!” and at the lowest price.


I get it. You’re overwhelmed and just want help. You’re impatient to hire someone so you hire without completing the process to find the best candidate for your business.


You don’t take the time to vet, research, screen, interview, and test potential VA’s. Within a few days after hiring, you begin to realize this person is not working out and you let the VA go. Now you have to go through the search and hire process all over again. FRUSTRATING!


Who has the time in their business to do that?


Searching for and hiring a virtual assistant is not an overnight process.


It can actually take up to a few weeks. Like forming any new relationship, it takes time. Remember, you’re trusting someone with your business and to help bring out your vision.


Below are the minimum steps to take in the hiring process:

virtual assistant process

Do you have a few weeks to go through this process? If not, I can help.

When Yolanda offered to handle the hiring process for me, I felt a huge weight lifted. But when I actually experienced her in action, I felt ecstatic…She is a top notch professional. She knows where to look, what to look for, and look out for. She knows what questions to ask you and the candidates. She understands the importance of doing things efficiently and minimizing the time and effort involved on your part.

Dr. Valerie Baker

Heart Talk Yoga®

Traditional methods of finding a VA can be challenging for those business owners looking for the right fit. Of all the VA’s you may find online, very few will be in sync with you specifically. It can be difficult to determine the level of compatibility of the ideal fit through methods of the conventional process – browsing online or using a freelance site.


I’ll do the work for you by narrowing the field from hundreds of VA prospects to match you with a select group of compatible matches with whom you can build a quality business relationship.


I can work with you to determine your exact needs and what you can take off your plate. Based on your needs, I’ll craft a job description that speaks directly to your ideal VA. I’ll go directly to where the best VA’s are, advertise for you and filter and screen them as they come in.


If you know how much your valuable time is worth and you see the value in getting some help for your business, click here to schedule your free Strategy Session.
It’s a free call where we assess where you’re looking to go and what type of virtual assistant can help you maximize your time.
It’ll uncover the beginnings of your plan for finally making your business work the way you always dreamed it could.