virtual assistant one size fits

“I’m looking for a coach. Anyone you recommend?”


If you’re a coach and you saw this, what questions come to your mind?
– Is she looking for a business coach, life coach, career coach, tennis coach…?
– What does she need help with?
– In person? What area does she live in?


My question is extremely vague, right?


It’s the same when I see this question on social media, “I’m looking for a VA. Anyone you recommend?” I then see a bunch of responses tagging a particular person and saying, “Check out Jane Doe. She’s great!”


While suggesting and tagging VA’s in a post is great word of mouth, it can also be more time consuming and a waste of time for the business owner.


If the business owner (who needs the virtual assistant) doesn’t mention what his/her business is or what they need help with, how can the people recommending a particular VA possibly know if that VA can help? If/when the tagged VA’s reach out to the business owner, he/she is now faced with the task of talking to the VA’s, finding out if they can do X,Y,Z tasks, and may find out don’t have the skills needed = time consuming and a waste of time for everyone involved.

virtual assistants one size fits

When looking for a new team member, save yourself some time. Mention what the duties are, what programs/systems are used, what type of business you have, etc. This saves you time from answering a million questions and leaving you super frustrated.

DON’T write this: “I need help with my social media”

DO: “I need help with my Instagram. Creating images using my template on Canva and posting 2-3x a day, following, commenting, etc”


All VA’s are not created equal.


Each has their own specialties and their set of skills.

If you have any questions about searching/hiring/working with a VA, I’m happy to help! Ask away!