va unicorn

I recently saw this post looking for an “amazing” VA.

va unicorn

While I won’t get into how vague this post is (due to failing to mention any specific duties and/or programs used), I wanted to share with you a real-life hunt for a mythical creature…


Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce, “The VA Unicorn“.


You may have heard of it… the VA Unicorn is the virtual assistant who can do everything. For example, they can: easily whip up blog content on every subject, create complicated graphics in Adobe Illustrator AND Photoshop, are Infusionsoft certified plus they are an expert in every email marketing program, and can put together your new website in a week.


Doesn’t this sound incredible? Guess what?

The VA Unicorn doesn’t exist.


This is a myth.


And it’s a big misconception in the virtual world.


Every person who is a virtual assistant is skilled in a specific area. Some are skilled in websites. Others in social media assistance. And yes, some are experts in blogging and customer service. As I’ve mentioned before, this is why you get specific when mentioning what you’re looking for. This ensures there isn’t any miscommunication from people who aren’t the right fit.


As the responses started coming in, some said, “I can help with the social media.” or “I can help with the email marketing and customer service.” Because there is no one virtual assistant who can do it all. This person looking for the “amazing” VA, actually needs a small team.


Let’s be real here…


*If you’re looking for someone who has expertise in photography, you’re looking for a photographer.
*If you’re looking for someone who has expertise in blogging, you’re looking for a copywriter.


And if this person can find a VA who does all of the above, that would be “amazing”. Unfortunately, this person will soon realize that this “amazing” VA does not exist. (And can you imagine what this VA Unicorn would cost if she/he is real?)


Do you have any questions about searching/hiring/working with a VA? I’m happy to help! Ask away!