In all business relationships, there comes a time when you need to have the “tough talk” with one of your clients.

It’s not fun and it’s certainly not easy to do. It can be difficult to deal with these situations. You don’t want to appear like a push-over but you also don’t want to lose the client.

What do you do?


Sample of Client Boundaries Letter

I’ve made it easy for you. Here are nine templates to use:

  • Cancellation Recovery Letter/Email
  • Client Boundaries Letter/Email
  • Client Missed Appointment Letter
  • New Client Refusal Letter/Email (Refer to Another VA)
  • Clients Who Waste Your Time / Termination Letter/Email
  • Rate Increase Letter/Email
  • Refund Refusal Letter/Email / (Credit Card Cancellation)
  • Refund Refusal Letter/Email (PayPal)
  • Termination Letter/Email

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