Find a virtual assistant

Does searching and hiring a VA seem overwhelming because you know it’s not in your zone of genius?

Have you used Fiverr and Upwork in the past and failed miserably?

Does the thought of searching for a VA leave you feeling drained? But you’re drowning in your work and need help – like yesterday.

Sounds frustrating, right? Who has the time to review responses, contact them, and schedule interviews? You’ve got a business to run!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easier way?

There is a solution.


I work one on one with you to match you up with your perfect virtual assistant.


Here is how we can work together so I can find you your awesome VA fit:

Tell me about your business: we’ll have a 1-hour introductory call to go over your business, your mission and values, and what you’re looking for in an ideal team member. We’ll discuss your current needs, along with any future needs as well.


Create a job description that attracts the best: based on our conversation, I’ll craft a job description that speaks directly to your ideal match.
BENEFIT: You won’t have to read through 200+ emails to find the good candidates. I’ll advertise your open position on forums that are specific for VA’s.


Pass it to me: Once the responses come in, they’ll be directed to me. I will review, screen, and be the initial contact. I’ll perform the first interview via Skype to make sure they are a good fit.
BENEFIT: You save time by not having to vet candidates and deal with back and forth emails attempting to schedule phone/Skype calls.


Here you go: Based on your needs along with their qualifications, I’ll choose the top candidates and hand them over to you to review. You let me know who you would like to speak with and I’ll take care of coordinating the interviews.
OVERALL BENEFIT: You’ve just saved yourself about two weeks worth of lost time and revenue. Because Finding your ideal team member takes time and it shouldn’t happen overnight. 


If you’re ready to get started, contact me for a free 30 minute advisory session, where I can share tips on how to figure out what to outsource and attract the ideal fit for your business.


Let’s work together to find your perfect VA match!

Schedule your free 30 minute consultation here.

Email me: or call me: (949) 525-2688


*All VA’s are US based.
*Freelance sites are not used to find VA’s.


  • This package is perfect for those just starting out with outsourcing. You may be unsure of what to outsource or where to start looking. Filter out unqualified VA’s with the Perfect Job Description template and learn how to search for quality, trustworthy virtual team members.

  • Your DIY Package includes:

  • How To Figure Out What To Outsource worksheet

  • Perfect Job Description template (includes sample)

  • 3 Ways To Find A VA download

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  •  Your Select Package Includes:

  • One hour “Find The Perfect VA” strategy call to determine your needs
  • Crafted perfect job description to attract your ideal VA

  • Advertising to 4 online Virtual Assistant job boards + my list (all replies go to you)

  • BONUS: Receive a copy of “25 Questions To Ask A Virtual Assistant”

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  •  If you know your time is valuable, I’ll take the entire process off of your hands. Your Done-For-You Package Includes:

  • One hour “Find The Perfect VA” strategy call to determine your needs

  • Crafted perfect job description to attract your new VA

  • Advertising to 4 online Virtual Assistant job boards + my list

  • Point of contact for all applicants

  • I’ll review the initial test projects

  • Schedule and conduct up to two interviews

  • I’ll present to you the ideal candidates and schedule interviews

  • BONUS: Effectively delegate and manage a virtual assistant and/or team

  • Which tools are the best for collaborating with your team

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